Stats Etc.

I’m not good at stats. I mean I love them, I love hearing them and whatever, but I am gash when it comes to remembering them or applying them to something like this. However, I also recognise that other people love them and also, if I am going to write articles, perhaps people might want to find the facts and figures that back it all up somewhere.

I’m not going to bugger around with things like passes in a game or the number of times someone has sworn at the referee, I want the proper stuff, league tables, goalscorers and all that sort of stuff. It’s going to take a while to sort it all out and in general I’m going to steal the numbers from elsewhere (honestly, how else will I get them) but eventually there is going to be all sorts of exciting stuff here.

If you are that way inclined , you might like to help me out with this page? If you do want to, then drop me a line, by comment or e-mail or whatever and we can talk about it.


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