I might be a bit inconsistent on here and not read anyone else’s blogs very much, but I do the Twitter thing and I have found that you get out of it what you put in. What that really means is following people. Not just any old people though, it means following people with similar interests and decent opinions with whom you can have some debate, banter and general fun. As fun as it is following the celebrities and pretty people, they don’t tend to talk back very much and a monologue about someone’s day to day life is only interesting for so long.

Obviously since this is a Spurs forum I’m only going to recommend some Spurs supporting people; however, this is definitely not an exhausive list of awesoem ‘Twit-Yids’ and there are plenty of non-Spurs supporters I rather like on there too!

The ones falling into the above category who are well worth a look, follow and chat with are…










Some of these people write blogs and things, but you can find all that stuff for yourself, the ones I am particularly fond of are on my links page.

I’m sorry if I’ve forgotten you, I have an awful memory and it’s probably because we haven’t spoken recently. Let me know of your righteous indignation and I will append your name to my list accordingly. Or tell you to piss off if I think you’re a twat, although that’s unlikely if I follow you!


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