This is a copy and paste of my first ever post on here, but it meets the needs of the ‘About’ page so why bother writing it all over again? In fact, why did I write it all as a blog in the first place? I might as well have just put it here. Perhaps I’ll add something about me to make this page special, I mean, other than what’s already here, stuff like my age, or a pretty picture, or important things like how many pairs of jeans I own or the name of my adopted Meerkat at London Zoo. There is none of that yet though, just my first blog post, copy and pasted, as I’ve already said. So enjoy that now, if you haven’t done already.

Let me be honest then, and please hear me out, because I am going somewhere with this…

  1. I am writing a blog because I have a high opinion of myself and my opinions.
    I’m not being arrogant and I’m genuinely not trying to sound like a twat. (Rude words in the first post, that sets a worrying precedent!) I am telling you this because I am trying to be as honest and self aware as possible and I think that’s a good trait to have, particularly if you are going to try and offer opinions on a subject. In fact, I think every blogger has an unusually high opinion of themselves or their own opinion, because generally for no personal financial gain they write on a regular basis about a subject, or subjects of choice. They actively want people to be aware of their opinions. Some might say they are trying to stimulate debate, but lets all be honest with ourselves, any blogger who blogs opinions (as opposed to keeping a public diary) probably thinks they are more special in some way. They aren’t, I most certainly do not have better opinions, not that it stops me thinking I do. I think the good bloggers are those that recognise this and they manage to keep that from being a bad thing. However, I’m rambling now, so on to…
  2. I generally don’t read any other blogs.
    I read them if they are written by someone I like or if I tend to agree with the overall theme, but even then it is infrequent. I think a lot of bloggers do read other blogs, some even take inspiration, whether that is to echo or argue against another’s sentiment. To be honest though, I hate most blogs I read. Most are full of inaccuracies flawed reasoning and, my biggest bugbear, spelling mistakes. I do frequent forums, which are the worst for it, but there are nuggets of gold there which make it all worthwhile. It is actually the fact I write so often on forums which has made me decide to blog, because when you have that much to say, why not say it?! I have rambled again. I am telling you all this because I still want to be honest and I want everyone to know I am well aware it’s rather hypocritical to proffer my own opinion without considering anyone elses.
  3. My blog will not be regular, nor can I promise it will be frequent.
    I may blog twice a day, every day from now until I am 70, I may blog once a week only when I have a burning need to talk about something, but for all my best intentions…
  4. I have tried to blog before and failed.
    I have very little staying power unless the subject is one which I am passionate about. Which is why I’ve opted for Spurs as a subject this time (instead of my own often dreary life!). You’ve been warned though, if you like it, let me know, because that’s about all that will motivate me when the initial enthusiasm for blogging takes an inevitable dip.
  5. Spurs are effectively my life.
    So if you’ve read this far, you probably deserve to hear something positive about me/my blog, or indeed some kind of justification for why I’ve taken the plunge. I bloody love Spurs. They piss me off constantly, they let me down and stitch me up financially, but for 90 minutes on a Saturday (or whenever Sky happens to want us to play) the whole entire world ceases to exist. Being a part of We Are N17 (that confession may divide opinion!) has really stoked my enthusiasm for doing more than just screaming at a group of overpaid men with exotic names wearing an extremely fetching white and blue outfit.
  6. I quite like the idea of being a writer.
    Not much else I can say here. In the world of new media, this is effectively my ‘column’. I did get 200 words in the Independent, edited though they were, it’s something which I will be eternally proud of!
  7. I have a terrible habit of making changes more than once after a post has been published.
    It’s a bad hangover from writing on forums, in fact I am doing it right now by adding this point. I should really keep a draft until I am ready and then once posted keep that blog ‘as is’, but sod it, that’s my style and with any luck I’ll get better at posting everything I want to say the first time around!
  8. Finally I want to make you the following promises, none of which are binding, but all with the best of intentions.
    – I will not post news stories on this blog unless I am genuinely breaking a previously unpublished news story, which I never expect to happen. There are enough news sources already constantly churning out the same crap and rare nuggets of truth.
    – I will not post anything purely with the intention of stirring opinion or attracting readers. TalkSport make a living out of this, I don’t need to. Every opinion shared will be one which I hold at the time of writing, although they are subject to change.
    – I will respond to genuine queries and questions whenever possible. If I ever don’t please let me know I haven’t so I can punish myself accordingly.
    – I will add to these promises as and when I think of new ones I want to make!

So there you go. My first post and not one opinion about Spurs. I promise that will be the first and last time that happens (well, at least I’ll try. Twitter will get the brunt of my daily chatter about not very much). But, now you know what I’m about, hopefully you’ll feel like you now have all you need to not only throw abuse at me, but to really get me where it hurts. 🙂

1258 words for my first post (as at my last edit!). I feel like that’s quite good! But in reality, if you’ve managed to read all that I love you already, whether you like it or not. If you do like the post though, or the whole blog, or even one sentence I love you literally forever, I’ll probably do babies with you even. As long as you don’t try to make me pay for their upkeep. Because I have no money.

Enjoy the ramblings which may or may not begin to populate this blog and hopefully I’ll see you again some time.

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