Prediction League – Update

23 Sep

Things are hotting up in the prediction league. With 4 games down Alex, my Newcastle supporting (but not a real geordie) housemate has built up a convincing lead over me and Lawro, picking up 3 points compared to the 1 scored by his idiot-ship and myself.

With 3 points available for a correct score prediction, it’s still all to play for though. with a couple of accurate predictions likely to be anough to give someone an impressive early lead. Not only that, it means that there is plenty of opportunity for you to enter yourself!

In the meantime, I have a theory about Alex’s impressive return of three correct results out of 4, despite his misguided footballing preferences. He has two minor advantages over me and a big one over Lawrenson. The latter is obvious, he isn’t an utter biased, self interested, ignorent bullshit talking c*nt. His advantage over me I think comes from the fact he is generally knowledgable and has a balanced, outside perspective. Hence, he could easily assess our chances against United and City (slim) and he also judged that Liverpool were not as strong as their spending suggests and that they would come a-cropper, whereas I, downbeat about our early season form was far less optimistic.

Lawrenson falls into the same old traps, against us he predicted a draw (his normal formula being big teams at home don’t generally lose and inability to predict a bad result for Liverpool meaning a draw is his obvious choice). Hopefully this type of thinking will continue to hold BBC’s most idiotic pundit back, proving that the average fan does indeed know more about footie than Lawro.

Things are hotting up. Give me your predictions if you want to play!


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